Design | Engineering Services
Our Professional Engineers offer design expertise—across all engineering disciplines—in a flexible, customer-oriented package: our tailored services help clients and owners access the specific design offerings needed to guide engineering and architectural disciplines to project success. We can deliver full-scale infrastructure design across a project’s life-cycle, assembling subject-matter experts and facilitating workshops; developing master plans; integrating building systems into reliable, expandable, and efficient solutions through construction documents; and managing all members of the design team. But, we can also provide design expertise customized to client needs, from engineering models required for the safe and optimal performance of power distribution, to operations and maintenance-type projects like chiller or switch-gear replacements, to a smaller design element of a larger whole, like lighting or a new power feeder.

Cost effective, facility maintenance friendly, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection solutions for your project.

ICC certified electrical and mechanical plans examiners and commercial inspectors, commissioning to providing general laborers.




Quick, flexible, and responsive with a customer first approach.  NORTH ARROW brings innovative solutions through expertise and technology to your mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection projects.  We rate our success based on how well we meet the customer’s goals at the completion of all work.

Management and support for any point in the life cycle of your project from developing a program of requirements to post award oversight.

Manage | Program, Project & Asset Management
We have years of specialized experience delivering program and asset management services for customers with long-term infrastructure investments; this includes capital improvement and operations, and maintenance planning and execution. We assist our clients by developing a baseline understanding of their current assets and their planning and spending priorities, providing actionable information for owners that helps not only with the prioritization of both short- and long-term capital investments but also with the identification of unsafe conditions or code deficiencies th at need immediate remediation. Based on these assessments, and leveraging our thorough understanding of regulatory and other approval processes, we can develop technical criteria and solicitation documents that facilitate the procurement process: we develop project planning documents, RFQ/RFP documents  and administrative criteria for AE or GC selection, and we conduct condition assessments, energy audits, and campus infrastructure management.

Build | Construction Management
We have a successful track record of providing construction management and services such as commissioning and testing, scheduling and phasing, peer review, value engineering, forensic analysis, and due diligence on complex phased construction projects requiring extensive coordination with multiple stakeholders—providing value to builders and owners controlling price and schedule, benchmark their systems, locate functional issues and weak links, and keep their systems running at top performance. We specialize in construction activities requiring compliance with highly complex security requirements—like mission critical assets—that require multiple failure scenarios and 7x24 testing and monitoring.